SMO: Google Yourself

SMO (Social Media Optimization) or social SEO is basically a measurement of how your online social media activity registers in search engines. Ranking highly on any search engine is generally equated with your online visibility, and therefore how many people are likely to see the content you generate.

I’m sure for some the idea of having social activity indexed by a search engine seems like a violation of privacy; nonetheless, a quick Google search of your name or handle will show you how pervasive your social presence has become.

SMO Google Yourself

The most common complaint I get from the users I work with is the presence of unwanted social content in search engines. As a rule, it’s wise to assume that anything posted online could potentially be indexed and appear in search results… no privacy setting is 100% secure.

But it’s not all bad – I found myself quoted in several articles on reputable websites, and some of these quotes came directly from comments I’d made via social media platforms:

mashable logo   computerworld logo  aol career builder

And these are just a few. Some of these I was vaguely aware of, but others came as a complete surprise: a reminder to search yourself often, just in case.

When it comes to social reach and influence, the tables are turning towards user generated and curated content. SMO and social SEO will become more important as this trend grows… it’s a great time to take inventory of your presence. If you have goals for your social media activity, whether driving eyeballs or sales dollars or both, now is definitely the time to create a plan of action.


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