The Bane of Content Creation

cor-bloggerpic-failI admit it. Sometimes I’m a bad blogger. Not that I’m unskilled or incapable, but I was forced to make a resolution this year that I intended to keep or bust: PUBLISH MORE CONTENT.

Content creation is a true love; taking photos, making micro video, writing reviews, contributing comments… I really do love doing it. But the trick is to ensure that all the lovely content I collect actually makes it up online; and this has been the bane of my existence over the past year.

Most blogs do a great job of putting up content, but it isn’t always GREAT. My perfectionist tendencies prevent me from tossing up a post, and often force me to rely on social media outlets to share content quickly; but with little to no insight, innovation or effort. It’s nice to have 2500+ followers on twitter, and it’s cool to see people interact with my content on Facebook. But as every good content creator knows, building content for other people’s platforms has limited value in the long run. Your site and reputation are better built on a foundation that you own and control.

analytics-sampleTo be a successful creator, I know what I need to do differently in 2014: stop sitting on my great content and get it out there! The pursuit of perfection is a handicap, and ultimately a silent blog is worse than an active blog with mediocre content.

HOWEVER, I also believe this to be the year of Filtering.

Which means finding balance between publishing frequently and consistently producing high-quality posts that “add value to the conversation”. The din of half-assed content will be suppressed as search engines and recommendation tools become smarter at assessing value, and I intend to rise above it.

It is so easy to collect versus display information but this year, I vow to make sure my content has a chance to be part of the conversation… so should you!


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Anti-drama queen fighting crime in a future time. Also social media strategist, writer & community manager of the interweb.
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