TBEX 2013 Travel Blogger Conference Kicks Off in Toronto

TBEX-WelcomeIt’s not every day that a massive new media conference lands on my doorstep, but the arrival of TBEX to Toronto has practically done just that! TBEX: The Future of Travel Media conference is designed to connect new media content creators with the travel and luxury brands who can bring exciting opportunities to the table. As I’m active in creating new media content for both food and travel blogs, this conference couldn’t have been a more convenient fit.

Featuring exciting speakers ranging from HDR expert Trey Radcliff, Andy Murdoch from The Lonely Planet, and representatively from Google Travel, The Huffington Post and more, it’s a solid 2-day learning experience. Not to mention the dozens of pre and post-TBEX tours taking place around Southern Ontario, many offered free to TBEX attendees. It’s a perfect synergy of those who crave subject matter for their new media, and those who need content creators to comunicate authentic and unique experiences; win-win.

TBEX Suitcase ArrivalPerhaps most exciting for me is that fact that I live in the heart of the city being featured at TBEX. Toronto is a gorgeous place, and it’s easy to forget how awesome it is when you live here day to day. Seeing the city through the eyes of 1,000+ adventure-hungry travel writers has definitely reminded me of what Toronto truly had to offer; a world class city, with amazing restaurants and thriving social media presence.

So far, my favourite part of TBEX is being told by so many conference goers that, “Toronto is an amazing city, you’re so LUCKY to live here!” — I agree!

If you’re coming to TBEX, be sure to say hi! Or just follow along here for anything awesome that’s fit to share.


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