South Park and more at BiffBamPop

I’ve been meaning to share some exciting news about a new guest writer position I’ve taken on with BiffBamPop! – a site devoted to the world of pop culture, comic books, video games, movies, books, and music.

BiffBamPop.comMy first contributions will be reviews of the new South Park episodes, which began airing October 5th, 2011. First up, South Park season 15, episode 7: ASS BURGERS!


About corecorina

Anti-drama queen fighting crime in a future time. Also social media strategist, writer & community manager of the interweb.
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1 Response to South Park and more at BiffBamPop

  1. corecorina says:

    All new South Park review up @BiffBamPop ! “The Last of the Meheecans”

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